Nyangao Hospital, Events 2003 - 2012

Wydarzenia ze szpitala po angielsku bo zostały przeniesione z nieistniejącej już strony szpitala w tym języku.i interesują głównie czytelników znających ten język.


Dr. Leader Stirling, a legend of Tanzanian medicine, Minister of Health in the Cabinet of Julius Nyerere and a big friend of our hospital died on 7 February 2003. He came to Tanzania as a mission doctor in 1935, a few years after being awarded a Masters degree in surgery. He was a founding member and former Chairman of the Tanzania Christian Association (TCMA). He was elected unopposed to the first Parliament as a Member of Parliament before and after independence and held various posts in the Tanzanian government including Minister for Health from 1975 to 1980. He laid the foundation for national mental health services and established national anti-tuberculosis and leprosy services. He also founded the Scout movement in Tanzania, was Chief Scout and later Patron. Dr. Sterling was also standing consultant and advisor to the Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC). Dr. Sterling will be remembered for building Lutindi, Mnero and Kibosho hospitals and many dispensaries. He was happy in Tanzania. "I like living in a civilised democracy, and would not change Tanzania for anywhere" he was once quoted as saying during his lifetime.

June. Sr. Regia, Doctor In-charge of St. Walburg's Hospital during the period of 1962-1980 died in Tutzing, Germany on 20th of this month.

July. Governement introduced a new salary scale for health workers. In SWH practical financial steps will be possible in November when all details will be known and the necessary funds will be available.

September. Dr. Ryszard Jankiewicz represented the hospital at the Annual TCMA meeting in Dar es Salaam. During this meeting Dr. Ansgar Stufe from Peramiho, after many years of his devoted work as a chairman of TCMA, handed over his duty to the newly elected chairman Dr. Isaya Toshiri from Sengerema.

The above photo shows participants of the TCMA meeting in 2002. In the first row are Dr. Ansgar Stufe (fourth from left) and Dr. Isaya Toshiri (seventh from left).


15 August The hospital received long-awaited internet services, in the form of a direct satellite connection. Thanks for the help and support from Mother Prioress from Ndanda Sr. Athanasia, Sr. Reginberta and Mother Superior from Nyangao Sr. Desideria and Fr. Wolfgang Schumacher O. Carm. The funds were donated by Deutscher Katolischer Missionrat from Bamberg Germany. In our location, where there is no telephone connection and radio call communication is not reliable and is of limited range, use of the internet will dramatically improve our access to information, including professional medical journals as well as providing better means of communication.


In September our number of doctors increased as Dr. Erick Millanzi AMO completed his AMO training as well as Dr. Max Makotha who up-graded to Assistant Dental Officer.


On 15 September new hospital fees were introduced. Patients coming from outside of our catchment area now pay double. Such a step was introduced in order to improve services for patients living close to Nyangao and restrict the flow of patients from bigger towns like Mtwara, Lindi and Masasi, which possess their own hospitals.

In September important changes were introduced in our blood bank. Old and poorly sterilised bottles used for blood transfusion have been replaced by plastic bags. Every donor is now screened for the hepatitis virus.

August. The hospital received financial support from the Women's Dignity Project for patients with obstetrical fistulas caused by difficult, obstructed and neglected delivery. Now every woman with such pathology treated in our hospital receives free treatment, food and reimbursment for travel expenses.

October. Rector of Namupa Seminary located near Nyangao Fr. Eneko Nnunduma died in a car accident.

October. New Physiotherapist from the UK, Mrs. Judi Zebedee, started working in SWH. She is recruited by VSO.









October. Two medical students Marjolein van Egmond and Marieke Kruijswijk Jansen from Holland arrived at SWH for a 7-week practical "student elective". They were very nice, cooperative and hard working people.




November. A cholera outbreak occured in the Lindi Region. Fortunately only a few cases were received and treated in our hospital.

In November the hospital was visited by two visitors from The United States. Mrs. Mary Jo Van Ackeren and Sr. Barbara De Jesus. Mrs. Van Ackeren has donated generously to the hospital and came to see our ministry here at St. Walburg's Hospital.

December Mrs. Jean Cooper, our former VSO volunteer from the UK, visited Nyangao and spent the Christmas holidays here.


February: For the first time in its history our hospital established a catchment area including Nyangao and the surrounding villages. Our initial observation tells us that about 15% of our inpatients and outpatients are coming from outside of that zone. They are requested to pay double fees compared to other patients. At the same time the hospital was forced to increase all fees by about 20% in order to compensate for devaluation.

March: Mr. Bernd Springenberg, who had been our financial administrator for three years, also sharing duties with Ndanda Hospital, returned to Germany.

April: Dr. Michael Willy and Dental Technician Mr. Remo Uische from the Swiss Charity Organization Secure Dentaire Internationale arrived at Nyangao. They repaired our old dental unit and promised to continue support in the future.










May: brought a bit of sadness as we said "good-bye" to our famous Fundi Albert, who for many years was our very skilled technician "golden hand" of the hospital. He died in our hospital after a long sickness. He was an example of a "self-made" man and was able to repair almost everything in the hospital from a gutter or lock to telephones and even the electronic image intensifier.








July: we received the couple David and Julia Bye, both Laboratory Technicians from the UK employed by VSO and they started work with us. David became in charge of the Laboratory and as he is a specialist in microbiology he will help to enhance these type of tests in our hospital.


All of our community took part in the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Ordination of Father Hugo Heusinger, Parish Priest of Nyangao. There was Mass and a celebration afterwards under the huge mango tree in front of the parish offices.










Representatives of our hospital took part in the celebration of the official opening of the new suite of operating theatres in our neighbouring Ndanda Mission Hospital.

The next Diocesan Hospital in Mnero received an internet satellite connection.

August: we also sadly said "good-bye" to our Hospital Chaplain of three years, Fr. John Nandonde. He was suffering from severe Diabetes and in December of 2002 had an amputation of his leg. At the end he was suffering from renal failure.

It was during the time of his burial that we received our long-standing friend of Nyangao Hospital, Mrs. Lisa Nicola. She was with us on the day of the burial of Fr. Nandonde and experienced an African burial. Her parish in Germany has been partners with Nyangao Hospital for 25 years. We thank them very much for the way in which they really sacrifice and give from their hearts to help our hospital.

It is now possible to send text messages and even to call by mobile phone from Nyangao. All thanks to the newly opened transmitting tower in Ndanda, which is situated 32km from Nyangao as the crow flies. There are two favorable places where it is possible to reach the signal, one on the hill near Mama Lukanga's house and the second on the cemetery located on the hill by the road to Namupa. We hope that it is not disturbing the eternal rest of those buried there.

September: For the second time this year the hospital was forced to increase certain fees, especially for medication. This was necessary because of the increased prices of the National Medical Store which is almost our exclusive supplier of drugs.


November: Mr. Gaston Mlowola, our most experienced anaesthetic nurse, left the hospital after 11 years of excellent work. This decision was made due to some personal reasons. His work was highly responsible and effective inspite of our limited anaesthetic facilities and anaesthetic complications were minimal. We will miss him very much but wish him God's blessings in his new work at Peramiho Hospital

The rainy season started earlier than usual this year making theway to Lindi and onwards to Dar Es Salaam very difficult.

Our Hospital Administrator Sr. Rita Marie Tofflemire was appointed as Superior of the local Nyangao St. Agnes Convent.








December: Thanks to support from Br. Dr. Ansgar Stufe Prokuator of St. Ottlien Benedictines Prokura, in December our hospital received a very modern and handy ultrasound unit Aloka 500 and new transducer for our old Siemens ultrasound machine.


The hospital was visited by two members of the Physiotherapy Unit from Ndolage Hospital located near Bukoba, Ms. Kate Jones and Ms. Judith Philipo. They stayed with us for two weeks and took part in the work in our physiotherapy unit.

A new pharmacist Ms. Sabine Hüttl arrived at Nyangao from Germany shortly after completing her PhD and is volunteering in our hospital for six months. Her help is very welcome because, except for one Pharmaceutical Assistant, the other pharmacy staff are not qualified.





January: British Laboratory Technicians, David and Julia Bye decided to break their VSO contract and not return to our hospital after the Christmas vacation, due to David's health problems.
Sr. Dr. Raphaela Haendler, former doctor in charge for many years at Nyangao Hospital has been elected as Mother Prioress of Ndanda Benedictine Sisters. For the
first time Mnero Hospital was the host of the monthly meeting of Ndanda, Nyangao and Mnero medical staff. The topic was Diabetes Mellitus and the number of participants exceeded 30.

February: Florencia Nishindwa, an excellent Nurse Midwife for many years and a well loved person died after a long illness.
A new anesthetic machine EMO with a Halothane minievaporizer, bought in TTM arrived at the hospital.
Co-operation with Mahiwa Secondary School was established, giving a chance in the future for upgrading the general education of the hospital staff. A group of 36 workers were enrolled for the course and started lessons in our hospital .A hospital car was provided to transport the teachers from Mahiwa.

March: Anesthetic staff Mr. Julius Mwema started his one year anesthesia course in Bugando Hospital, Mwanza.
The hospital library was transferred from an old, uncomfortable small room to a spacious meeting room with a new bookcase, located inside the office building.


Overhead projector donated by Mrs. Cathy Boyle from Agnesian Healthcare, St. Agnes Hospital Medical Library USA for our meeting room/library arrived.

A new dental chair donated by Dr. Michael Willi from Secours Dentaire International, Switzerland arrived at our hospital after encountering some problems on the way.

April: Our hospital hosted the monthly meeting for Ndanda, Nyangao, Mnero and this time also Mtwara and Lindi hospitals. Sr. Dr. Raphaela Haendler presented her very interesting experiences with the Church AIDS Project in Namibia. Dr. Kaiser from Mnero presented his topic of surgery for HIV patients.
A teamof 2 pharmacists from the Infusion Unit Project arrived here to assess the hospital before starting a Decentralized Drug Production Project here.
Our hospital was the host for a one week meeting on the preparation for the Basket Fund Budget for 2005/2006 for Lindi Rural District.The hospital received a grant for VVF repair from Women's Dignity Project for 2005.
The hospital's main x-ray unit, a 33 year old Siemens had broken down,creating a very difficult situation.


Br. Maximillian from Hanga came to the rescue and repaired our incinerator, fixed the new dental chair, diagnosed faults of the x-ray machine which allowed us to order the proper spare parts, repaired the old telephone system and some other hospital equipment. The upgrading class for our students general (secondary) education was renewed

The TUGE meeting with Regional TUGE authority was cancelled due to the lack of interest of the hospital staff who do not want to pay the TUGE monthly fees, which have been voluntary since May.

For the first time in the history of our hospital meetings the meeting took place in Mtwara and was dedicated to Arterial Hypertension.

May: Traditional meetings for 1st May and Florence Nightingale Nursing Day took place. Four best workers for last year were chosen: Dr. David Mmambale, Nursing Officer Scholastica J., Nurse Assistant Christa Makongwa and driver Erick Masapanga.

The hospital received antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) from the Ministry of Health for the first time and can now start treating HIV infected patients.

June: The Bishop of of Lindi, Bruno Ngonyani was admitted to our hospital with a serious condition. During his illness he was visited in the hospital by the President and Mrs Mkapa, also the Archbishop of Songea,and the Bishops of Mtwara, Masasi, Tunduru and Mbinga.

July: Five Clinical Officers were interviewed and accepted for posts in our hospital. Br. Maximillian did brilliant work in our hospital repairing two X-ray machines, electronic intensifier, replacing burners in hospital incinerator, repairing photometer in laboratory and many other technical equipment.
Donation for a new telephone system for the hospital was granted by St. Ottilien Benedictines Prokurator, Br. Ansgar.

August: Three new Clinical Officers, after completing their studies started work in our hospital. Nima Jiwan completed her 3 years diploma course as Laboratory Technician and returned to Nyangao Hospital.
The hospital received information about a grant given by AMREF in support of VVF patients for the second half of the year.

September: Bishop Bruno Ngonyani was discharged from the hospital in good health after a long illness. Dr. B. Makotha went for a two weeks training course in VVF repair at Peramiho hospital organized by AMREF. Sr. Rita-Marie returned from her three month leave in USA. M.O. i/c and Diocesan Health Secretary attended the TCMA Annual Meeting in Dar es Salaam. Two new Clinical Officers started work in the hospital. A physiotherapist from the UK, employed by theVSO, Judi Zabedee left the hospital after completion of her two years contract.
On the 16th of this month the Nyangao Hospital Board of Directors was established and the first meeting took place with Bishop of Lindi as the Chairman.The board consists of 7 members, including the representative of the local community.A new ultrasonography machine and a new telephone system for the hospital arrived, financed from abroad.

October: Thanks to support from Mother Prioress from Ndanda, Sr. Dr. Raphaela Haendler, it was possible to buy a newly built house in the village for a good price.This is for future accommodation for our staff members.
Five of our newly employed Clinical Officers, who finished school this year, received information from the Ministery of Health that they were to report to a new working place in two weeks time, chosen by the M.O.H. This is an enormous blow for our hospital, and will have an adverse effect on our services for a long time to come.


November: New Panasonic telephone system financed by Benedictines from St. Ottilien was successfully installed in our hospital by Br. Maximillian and technician Deogracias Millanzi and started working on the 1st of November. The MO Incharge took part in an Urology Workshop in KCMC Moshi.

December: Our former VSO worker Mrs. Jean Cooper payed a visit to our hospital and spent Christmas and New Year with us.
Members of hospital medical staff took a part in well organized Interhospital Meeting in Mtwara. There was an organized traditional Christmas meeting, including a drama performance in our hospital. The hospital has been visited by an AMREF team, promising further support for VVF patients treated in our hospital. The hospital received a gynaecological chair donated by a former worker, Dr. Mathan from Germany. Dutch medical student Marjolein Zwaan spent two weeks practice in our hospital.



Our Philips Electronic Intensifier has broken down after eight years of work. Repairing will be probably difficult and expensive.
Three medical students from Holland Witse Epinga, Lonneke Hegeman and Marjolein Braakhuis arrived for five weeks internship in our hospital.





Two Dutch medical students Els van Dorn and Marloes Arendshorst accompany by Hergen van der Starre arrived for six weeks internship.

A group of our workers Dr. B. Makotha, C.O. R. Chilemba and N.O.s Mrs.S. Jankiewicz, Mrs.G. Wambyakale and E. Chilemba took part in two weeks seminar in Lindi on STI syndromic treatment.

A young German anesthetist Patricia Brueckman spent few weeks in our hospital teaching and organizing work of our anesthetic personnel.


Second hand anesthetic machine not used in Ndanda hospital have been installed in Nyangao Hospital and start working thanks to great help by Mr. David anesthetist from Ndanda.

Medical student from Holland Hanna Elzinga started her few weeks internship in our hospital

Dr. Roland Mathan former worker arrived to Nyangao Hospital to help during vacation time when is shortage of staff.


Dr. Hagai Wisiko returns to Nyangao Hospital after completing his two years AMO course in Tanga and start working with us.






Precious medical books for our library donated and sent by Cathy Boyle librarian from St. Agnes Hospital Med. Library, Fond du Lack WI USA arrived to Nyangao after long trip.



Two Dutch medical students Christa van Bunderen and Claire Francissen arrived for eight weeks internship.


German Ambassador together with accompany persons has visited hospital. He had offer far going support with solving our problems in MoH.



Dr. Hagai Wisiku returned to our hospital after completing his two year AMO course

Our attempts of getting laboratory technician from JICA organization were successful and we received confirmation that such new volunteer will arrive in March next year.

New equipment purchased with financial help of St.Ottilien Benedictines Prokura arrived: electro diathermy machine and halothane anesthetic machine for operation theatre as well as centrifuge for laboratory. Memorandum of Understanding was signed with AMREF Tanzania for financing and organizing VCT Centre in our hospital. Intensive renovation works of premises for new centre started and necessary equipment arrived from that organization. The case of money theft from Administration Office was closed without clear identification perpetrators. Sr. Martha OSB was appointed by the Bishop as the Head of Nurses replacing Mr. Edgar Chilemba.

Representatives of the hospital took place in AIDS Day event organized by DMO Lindi Rural in Mtama.
Three Kenyan Clinical Officers temporary employed in Nyangao Hospital were forced to leave due to lack of proper immigration status.


20 December VCT Centre with support from AMREF Tanzania (Angaza) was open. Great response from local population who attended in number over 20 clients per day has show need of such Centre.


On 21 of December has been held this year last meeting of the Board of Directors Nyangao Hospital. Traditional meeting of staff and distribution of gifts for the patients took place before Christmas Holidays.

On 30th of December died Dr. David Mwambe former head of surgery department in neighbouring Ndanda Hospital.





Dr. David Mmambale was appointed as Acting Doctor in-charge.

Sr. Rita Tofflemire OSB Hospital Administrator left Nyangao and her post has been taken by Mr. Roland Fritz from Germany.

After long and complicated history X-ray machine donated by members of Rotary Club from Pullach - Isartal Germany, Treviso - Terraglio Italy and Dar es Salaam finally arrived to Nyangao Hospital. On 27th took place official hand-over and consecrate by Bishop Ngonyani

Br. Maximillian OSB with hospital Technician Deo Millanzi after fixation new x-ray machine.






Donors of Rotary Club from Europe leading by Ms. Wiesenfeller together with Bishop Ngonyani during ceremony of hand-over and consecration of new equipment.





Ms. Roswita Nyagali after completion AMO 2years course reported for work in the hospital.

Dr. Stanislous Wambyakale resumed his duty after postgraduate study in KCMC Moshi as a Pediatrician.




Ms. Salma Kikwete a wife of President of Tanzania together with Regional Commissioner of Lindi Region Mr. Saidi Sadiki have visited Nyangao Hospital.

Ms. Ute Steiner was appointed as a new Hospital Administrator taking duty from Mr. Roland Fritz after his one year work in Nyangao.


Mr. Bernard Membe MP, Minister of Foreign Affaires and International Cooperation visited hospital and during short meeting with senior staff was introduced to actual hospital problems.






Dr. S. Wambyakale i/c of the hospital and Administrator Ms. Ute Steiner attended annual TCMA meeting in Dar es Salaam.
Two German medical students Magdalena Borg and Nadija Wegene spend one months practice in our hospital.



Hospital was visited by Apostolic Nuncio in Tanzania who meet with staff, visited hospital departments and bless the patients.



In the hospital start working three new Clinical Officers:

Mr. Christopher Makota, former Clinical Assistant from Rondo after completing C.O. course in Masasi and two ladies from Morogoro.


Two Clinical Officers Mr. Alfred Benno and Mr. Simon Baiky were accepted for two years AMO course and left the hospital.

System of free Saturdays existing in all other hospital was introduced.

On the 8th took place a meeting of Hospital Board of Directors.

Two ladies, new Clinical Officers, who started work last month left our hospital.

Administration staff experienced shocking attempt of stealing money from the hospital by a group of armed gangsters who arrived by two cars. Fortunately it was render and most of them were catched by police.



February. The Regional Medical Officer (RMO) and District Medical Officer (DMO) from Lindi visited the hospital. They were representing the Ministry of Health in connection with the process of assigning the status of District Designated Hospital.

A meeting of the hospital board of directors was held at the hospital.

Two anaesthetists, Dr Aoife Benton and Dr Caroline Larkin arrived from Ireland for two months. They worked in the operating theatre and reviewed the anaesthesia equipment. For the anaesthesia staff, they provided practical training as well as lectures. Dr. Benton's and Dr. Larkin's contributions were greatly appreciated and they are welcome to return any time.



A celebration of the 50th Anniversary of St. Walburg's Hospital took place this month. Guests included     Bishop Bruno Ngonyani from Lindi, representatives of the Diocese, the Regional Commissioner of Lindi, the District Commissioner of Lindi Rural District, the RMO, the DMO, and from Germany, Mrs. Nicola who is a supporter of the hospital.


March. Mrs. Barbara Boniface, a pharmacist and her husband,    Anthony Boniface, an engineer, VSO volunteers, arrived from England.






Ms. Johanna van den Boogaard, a laboratory technician from the Netherlands, also with VSO, joined the hospital staff. She will be working in the laboratory as Advisor to the Lab in Charge.


July. The hospital was officially recognized as a Council Designated Hospital (CDH), for Lindi Rural District and received a related budget from the Ministry of Health.

August. Three clinical officers (CO), new graduates of the Clinical Officer Training College (COTC), Lindi joined the clinical staff. From left to right: Frank Mutashobia, Josephine Ngonyani and Hamis Ngavalanga.





September. Br. Maximillian OSB, an old friend of the hospital, came to visit repaired various equipment and machinery.

The hospital received a variety of equipment, including a new autoclave, four oxygen concentrators and two suction machines. These were installed with the help of technicians from TAMEQ and CCBRT Hospital, Dar es Salaam.

The Board of Directors met and established a revised set of members.


On Sept. 30, a seminar on trauma management was conducted, organized with assistance from the Tanzania German Programme to Support Health (TGPSH) and DHQM Fund. Twenty two  Assistant Medical Officers (AMO) and COs from 9 neighbouring hospitals from Lindi and Mtwara Regions participated in the seminar. Dr. Margaret Fockenberg, surgeon from Tandahimba and Dr. Ryszard Jankiewicz, surgeon from Nyangao provided presentations on the principles of trauma treatment with particular emphasis on fracture management. Following the seminar, a number of the participants applied for short term work at St. Walburg's.



October. With the arrival of Mr. William Kessen, an engineer from Germany, construction of a central sewage system for the hospital was started. He was assisted by Mr. Karim. Work continued throughout the year and should be completed in 2010.



Lack of suitable supplies to construct prosthetic limbs has been an ongoing problem. In light of this, it was amazing to see that our VSO physiotherapist, Michael Toyco had made a prosthetic leg for this 11 year old boy, who had required an amputation due to gangrene following a snake bite. Michael used wooden sticks, PCV pipe, plaster of Paris, bandages and newspaper to make this artificial leg. The boy is able to walk without crutch support. After Michael finishes his contract and returns home, who will be able to construct replacement limbs as this boy grows?


Mr. James Basia was appointed as Patron, the Head Nurse, following the departure of Sr. Martha Mtega OSB.




Thanks to Br. Yoanes Mango OSB, from the workshop at St. Benedict's, Ndanda,  Perkins traction sets were introduced for the many patients requiring traction following fractures.

The hospital web site received a new address www.nyangaohospital.com .



After long waiting period, an agreement was signed between the Diocese of Lindi and Lindi Rural District Council establishing St. Walburg's Hospital as District (Council) Designated Hospital. The agreement was signed by the Bishop of Lindi, the Vicar General of the Diocese, the Chairmen of the Council and the District Executive Director in Lindi on October.


Dr. Daniela Kietzmann, a German anesthesiologist worked in the operating theatre, and provided intensive training to the anaesthesia staff. Everyone hopes she will return.


November. Two doctors from VSO started working in Nyangao Hospital.

Dr. Faith Paterson from Canada, a family doctor from Canada who recently completed a Diploma in Tropical Medicine. She will divide her time between general medicine responsibilities and patient care organization/staff education.




Dr. Mia Burles, a cardiologist from the USA will be co-ordinating HIV/AIDS activities. She will also provide consultation on difficult cardiology cases.




Early November was a lucky time for the hospital as two new Tanzanian medical staff started working at the hospital:


Dr. Richard Anga, after completing his Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) course was seconded by Lindi Rural District Council.



The anaesthesia staff was reinforced by the arrival of Mr. Johana Kaupunda, an experienced anaesthesia nurse.





With an increasing number of trauma patients, especially those with fractures as a result of motor vehicle accidents,  there has been a great need to accommodate to their needs. With more Perkins traction sets, patients are able to perform active exercises. External fixation is primarily used for open fractures of the legs.



On December 9, Dr. Max Makotha, Assistant Dental Officer (ADO) replaced          Dr. Wambyakale as Medical Officer in Charge of the hospital.




In the hospital there are going intensive works on the central sewage system supervised by Eng. William Kessen and Mr. Karim











January. Ms. Honorata Millanzi, who for many years had been an officer in the Department of Administration started her retirement.

February. Internet connection at the hospital was changed from direct satellite via Afsat, to a less expensive and faster modem system with Vodacom Tanzania. This was possible following the completion of a newly constructed telecommunication tower, located on the outskirts of Nyangao.

Mr. Ronald Wagisha, a VSO volunteer from Uganda joined the administrative staff as an accountant.





March. A one day seminar, entitled 'Council Designated Hospital Activities' was held at the hospital. Attendees included the Regional Medical Officer (RMO), Dr. Mohamed Ally, Acting District Medical Officer (DMO), Dr. Namahala, Dr. Oberlin Kisanga representing the Tanzanian German Programme to Support Health (TGPSH) and the Ministry of Health (MoH).

The Chief Director of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), Mr. Emanuel Humba visited the hospital. The purpose of his visit was to observe NHIF members receiving Fund services, and to discuss future co-operation. Following three years of upgrading, hospital services are now recognized by NHIF as equivalent to those at a regional level. Therefore, departments having specialist physicians can now have the opportunity to be upgraded to referral level.

Mia Burles left our hospital returning to the USA. Her position as HIV/AIDS Co-ordinator was handed over to Dr. Faith Paterson.

April. A meeting of BoD Nyangao Hospital took place on the 12th of this month.
Dr. G. Masenga from KCMC and Ms. A. Magimba from AMREF visited St. Walburg's in order to review vesico-vaginal fistula (VVF) treatment.

May. Regional celebrations took place a the Hospital for Florence Nightingale (Nurses' Day) was celebrated at the Hospital.


June. Ms. Johanna van den Boogaard, a VSO volunteer, who was working in the laboratory as Advisor to the Lab-in-Charge, completed her contract and returned to the Netherlands.

July.  The operating theatre received a new floor, replacing one that was 20 years old and damaged. This work was possible thanks to the generosity provided by Br. Dr. Ansgar Stuefe, OSB from St. Ottilien Benedictines Prokura in Germany.



Zoe Hrydziuszko, a biomedical scientist from England, and VSO volunteer joined the hospital staff. She is working in the laboratory as Advisor to the Lab in Charge.



                                                                                                                                                                                                September. Two our former Clinical Officers completed two year Assistant Medical Officer Course and resumed work in hospital.


Dr. Alfred Benno AMO             Dr. Simon Baicky AMO

October. Doctor Daniela Kietzmann returned to our hospital after one year and started intensive training for our anesthesia staff with new machine for general halotane anesthesia with automatic ventilation GLOSTAVENT. We are also very grateful for her effort to collect funds for buying that machine and arranging all procedures connected with purchase. She brought also with her very precious for us surgical instruments from Germany and Sweden hospital.


Dr. Kietzmann with new anesthetic machine and personel.










Dr. Elizeo Kibuga AMO started working in Nyangao Hospital posted by DMO Lindi.





Dr. Manfred Nyagali AMO was appointed as a District TB & Leprosy Coordinator
(DTLC) replacing CO Gaufrid Mtendachi who went for  two years AMO course to Tanga.

Unfortunately since few months due to unknown reason there is no supply of anti TB medicaments from MSD what create very hazardous situation for our patients


On 13th of October took place a meeting of the Board of Directors Nyangao Hospital.

Hospital diagnostic equipment was improved by purchase of a new, modern ultrasonography machine.


Excellent and very friendly worker Thomas Simon Lukanga 50 yrs. old  Pharmacy Attendant, working in Nyangao Hospital for 30 years passed away after short and serious sickness.











A new Dr. Ajili Millanzi AMO start working in Nyangao Hospital posted
by DMO Lindi Rural






Klaudio M. Banda 41 yrs. old Statistician working in Nyangao Hospital since 15  years has passed away.



This year we miss traditionally organized Christmas meeting of all hospital staff and visit of all patients distributing them Christmas gifts.


On 24th December hospital was visited by Ministry of Foreing Affairs and International Cooperation Hon. B. Membe who donate for the patients mosquito nets and financially supported those who were most needed.




January. After the departure in December of Barbara and Tony Boniface a new group of VSO volunteers arrived to the hospital.



    Anthea Morris, Strategic Planning Adviser








Jim Pauling, Pediatrician








Pam Pauling, Pharmacist







On 12th January a big friend of our hospital, Fr. John Rockloh OSB, Prokurator from Kurasini Prokura Dar es Salaam, died in an accident He helped several several times to procure items for our hospital from Dar es Salaam and abroad as well as with several hospital transactions.


February. Two ladies from South Korea who visited our hospital have offered a very interesting proposal for the hospital from Nanum organization.


March. The premises for the future Intensive Care Unit were prepared and basic equipment purchased. There is a need to employ trained staff in intensive care.


A group of current VSO volunteers was introduced to the owner of the hospital Bishop B. Ngonyani





April. Hospital contractor Mr. Karim Kiherile who took part in construction of the hospital sewage system and many other projects, died in car accident.


May. Mr. Holywater from KOICA ( Korean International Cooperation Agency ) has visited our hospital in relation to planned  cooperation with Korean Nanum organization.

Mr. Holywater with hospital personnel during presentation at the Hospital.

June. A small but helpful change was introduced. Now patient's files during doctor's round are carried in a special box separated for different rooms on the trolley.



July. Ute Steiner, Hospital Administrator went to Germany after completing her three and half years contract and was replaced on that post by Ronald Wagisha VSO from Uganda, former Hospital Accountant.

August.  Anthea Morris, Strategic Planning Adviser for our hospital from VSO UK finished her work and went back home. During her stay she developed for the hospital long term strategic plan which help in future development.

September.  Dr. Daniela Kietzmann, anesthesiologist with her friend from Sweden ICU Nurse Maria Sandgren arrived to continue training for our anesthetic staff and to help opening Intensive Care Unit in Nyangao Hospital

ICU Nurse Maria Sandgren








Dr. Biskina Salamata after completing AMO training start working in Nyangao Hospital







With great effort from hospital staff and help from Dr. Daniela Kietzman and ICU Nurse Maria Sandgren on the 10th of this month the ICU Unit, probably the only one such unit in South East Tanzania was opened and  admited the first patient.

Intensive training before opening ICU











With first patient of ICU











ICU Patient with new monitor











Felix Mkani, Dental Therapist start working in Nyangao Hospital.

December. Two VSO volunteers Pam and Jim Pauling left our hospital after completing their one year term.
The Hospital missed them very much because both of them  did an excellent job.
Jim appart of everyday duties elaborated and introduced " A novel tick-sheet decision tool for identifying high risk and sick newborns".

Pam additionally to her busy work in Hospital Pharmacy was involved in developing "Majikoni Renovation Project"
o provide comfortable and hygienic conditions for washing and cleaning pots for the patient's relatives living in this building. Project was financed by Tanzanian Development Trust and completed before end of the year.


Washing pots outside the hostel









New washing place after completing project











Events 2012


January. The begining of the new year brought several negative events contrary to traditional optimistic greetings at this time. Two surgeons (Benedictine Sisters) left neighbouring Ndanda Hospital, which significantly increased the flow of surgical patients to Nyangao. At the same time Nyangao Hospital's small surgical staff was weakened by the transfer one of AMO to rural Health Centre. Due to irregular and insufficient financing as well as difficulties with purchasing, the hospital started facing shortages and lack of basic drugs and medical materials.


Fresh supply of crutches for our war with epidemics of fractures




In Anaesthesia News, January 2012, issue 294 an article was published about Nyangao hospital - Anaesthesia in a Tanzanian mission hospital.

March. There was a meeting in our hospital with NHIF Management Team from Dar es Salaam. They praised our service for NHIF patients and promised financial support for some of our new initiatives.

At the end of the month a shocking event happend. Our Parish was attacked by five armed gangsters who broke doors, injured a Parish Priest, watchmens and stole a significant amount of money.

Br. Dr. Ansgar Benedictine Prokurator in St. Otilien, Germany helped us again buying for us an expensive spare part for orthopedic drill.

Swedish family Dr. Petra and Mr. Goran Eklund donated for pregnant women hostel 10 mattresses and mosqito nets as well as several other pieces of equipment like wheel chairs and aluminium crutches.

April. Director of Action Medeor from Dar es Salaam visited our hospital and discussed new forms of co-operation.

Dr. Sr. Fausta, MO joined our hospital staff after completing her medical study in HKMU Dar es Salaam. She started working in Surgical Department.






Dr. Daniela Kietzmann arrived from Europe for her fourth time, for one month. She brougth with her a dermatome financed by Sisters of Tutzing and she helped to get many other important items. She is working with us and training our anesthetic and ICU staff.

New Humeca Sober dermatome (instrument for skin grafting) specially constructed for developing countries and tested in Turiani Hospital, Tanzania. During first time use in Nyangao Hospital.



May. New hospital fees have been introduced differentiating between patients from our catchment area (Lindi Rural District) and those from outside. There are also special fees for private patients. The Financial control system has been revised and corrected.


June. Hospital Laboratory received new, modern Biochemistry machine enable to perform 52 various test at the same time.



July. Nursing Assistant Barnabas Nniwako 52 yrs old, working in our hospital for 26 years, most of the time in Operation Theatre and recently in OPD Theatre, suddenly died.







James Davies, Biomedical scientist, VSO from U.K. started working as a Head of Laboratory. He will stay with us for two years.







September. Dr. Daniela Kietzmann visited our hospital for the second time this year. She brought with her several important instruments and pieces of equipment. Acting as "ambassador" of our hospital in Europe she helped to get a new ultrasonography machine - Aloka for the hospital.

Ronald Wagisha Hospital Administrator went for training and exotic trip to Vietnam to view work of local hospitals. Trip was organized by GIZ.

After a long wait, the Radiology Department received a modern machine for authomatic developing of X-ray pictures.

October. On 12th a meeting was held on renewal contract Council District Hospital between representatives od Nyangao Rural District Council and Lindi Diocese including Hospital Management.

On the next day, Saturday there was a meeting in Lindi of the Fundraising Commitee for future Nursing School in Nyangao. In the meeting participated the District Commisioner, Regional and District Medical Officers as well as many other people interesting to support that idea.

Edgar Chilemba N.O. was re-established as a Patron, (In-charge of Nursing Staff) replacing James Basia who went for retirement.






Dr. Gaufrid Mtendachi returned to Nyangao Hospital after completing two year AMO course and joined surgical staff.







Dr. Sandra Subtil German pediatrician living in UK, VSO, started her one year term in Nyangao Hospital.






Clinical Officer  Richard Komba joined anesthetic staff.






German couple doctors Thomas an Caroline Horn arrived to Nyangao Hospital for short term stay. They donate for the hospital very important medical equipment including two pulsoxymeters, surgical instruments and sutures.








In late 2012, the laboratory introduced a number of changes in blood Bank to reduce the risk of laboratory errors in blood grouping which may lead to the incorrect blood type being transfused to the patient. Firstly, a more reliable method for performing blood groups was introduced bringing the laboratory in line with WHO guidelines. In addition a simple compatibility test between donor and patient blood is now performed before any transfusion is given. To reduce the risk of giving blood to the wrong patient on the wards, the laboratory introduced a system of labeling blood bags, using a paper tag attached to the blood bag on which is written all the patient identification details and blood group. This allows nursing staff to properly check the patient identification before starting the transfusion. (by James Davies Biomedical Scientist)


Claire Liew Pharmacist from VSO UK arrived to Nyangao Hospital.  She has VSO term for two years.








The whole hospital, all patients were equipped with new, heavy duty aluminium clip boards for patients file. Old plastic covers always in very bad shape were replaced.